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The abbreviation SWOP stands for ‘Save World’s Original Properties’. In other words: we need to handle our planet’s resources properly and responsibly. And now, in order to apply that principle within the fashion industry, we have developed the SWOP-box. SWOP is a point-of-sale concept that helps retailers to give textiles a second chance. It’s another step in transforming the fashion industry into a sustainable circular economy.


Did you know that cotton production world-wide is responsible for...

The following facts inspire SWOP to keep working on a sustainable circular economy.

10% of total CO2 emissions


25% of total insecticide use


10% of total pesticide use


the use of 25,000 litres of water to produce one kilo of cotton

Size S-retailer

Do you have one or two stores, and are you looking for a simple way of increasing your sustainability?

Size M-retailer

As a regional retailer, you have several stores in a larger area.

Size L-retailer

The concept is key to large national and international retail chains.


Find your SWOP-box

On the map below you will find all stores with a SWOP-box. Don’t hesitate to take a look and return your old clothes for a nice discount!


The latest news

Follow our latest news and developments.

23 January 2016 ivo

Fashion Tradeshow in Berlin

Last week we had a successfull presentation of the SWOP-box on the Fashion Tradeshow in Berlin. The first SWOP-boxes are sold and will be placed in the near feature in several fashion retail stores. W
10 November 2015 ivo

SWOP-box at Trendy Woman

14 May 2012 ivo

SWOP at the Floriade

First of all, we would like to extend our thanks to everyone who contributed to a successful launch. The people who work at the Floriade, everyone present at the launch, all those who helped us with a
11 May 2012 ivo

SWOP-box launch a huge success!

On Friday 11 May, the SWOP-box was officially launched! Herman Wijffels revealed the box during Floriade Fashion. The launch has brought us one step closer to our target: making the fashion world more

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