Fashion Tradeshow in Berlin

Last week we had a successfull presentation of the SWOP-box on the Fashion Tradeshow in Berlin. The first SWOP-boxes are sold and will be placed in the near feature in several fashion retail stores. We will keep you posted with new updates.

SWOP at the Floriade

First of all, we would like to extend our thanks to everyone who contributed to a successful launch. The people who work at the Floriade, everyone present at the launch, all those who helped us with advice and assistance in the run-up to the event, and of course Mr Herman Wijffels! The Floriade was a […] online

A true professional needs professional photos. In collaboration with Maarten Huisman Photography some great photos were taken. With these pictures we are prepared for future press moments. One of the pictures is used on the new personal website of René. Take a look at

City Pier City 2012 - SWOP

SWOP is up and running!

With SWOP you will be fit for the future. To reinforce this message, Rene put on his running shoes and ran the City-Pier-City walk in our hometown The Hague, though not in fancy light-weight, breathable gear. How he did it? Completely doffed up in a suit and tie! We think it’s safe to say that nobody has […]

2012 will be a happy SWOP-year

Late December our office was filled to the brim with friends, acquaintances and partners who have contributed to SWOP. We wanted to thank everyone for the support we had received in developing our concept into its final stages. It was a successful night where everybody got the lowdown on SWOP’s latest, needless to say while […]

Masterclass Business Spirituality

“Holding on to old systems doesn’t work. We have to let go of what used to be successful, otherwise it will die. A system is dead; a process lives.” This quote is by Paul de Blot, Honorary Professor at Nyenrode Business University, during the Business Spirituality masterclass. It was very educational and inspiring to attend Paul […]

Green is the Common Thread

On Sustainability Day, the event ‘Groen is de Rode Draad’ (Green is the Common Thread) took place, an initiative from the three Dutch clothing and textile trade organisations, CBW-MITEX, MODINT en VGT. It was good to exchange experiences and visions with others on how sustainability can be implemented in the fashion industry. A lot of […]