The SWOP-box is a collection system that’s been specially developed to make it easier, and above all, more fun to hand in textiles (clothes and shoes). We do this by moving the collection point from the street to the store. In addition, the SWOP-box is interactive, which means the consumer becomes more involved and gets a positive feeling from it. If the customer comes into the store more often, he or she will also be more inclined to buy something. Also, don’t forget the advantage of word-of-mouth advertising and the opportunity of social media: the more familiar the concept becomes, the more frequency it will generate in your store.

You can compare the SWOP-box with the bottle machine in the supermarket. This system makes it very easy for retailers to reward customers for collecting textiles. The machine accepts clothing and shoes and in return for example, discounts on new fashion purchases can be given.

The store environment was a central factor in the development of the SWOP-box. It’s a high-end machine with a stylish and contemporary look, made of quality materials. The exterior can be customised to the retailer’s brand identity, while the Full HD screen is an excellent marketing instrument.

The design guarantees a positive product experience: consumers don’t just throw their textiles items into the rubbish, but give them a second chance at a second life. They can therefore contribute to the circular economy and a sustainable future for our planet.


With the SWOP-box, we want to make it easy to integrate sustainability into your store concept.

How does it work?

The SWOP-box is a machine in which you can collect clothing and shoes.


We provide the SWOP-box on an easy subscription basis. You pay a monthly amount for the use of the machine.


If you would like to give your SWOP-box your own look and feel, there are a number of possibilities.