The SWOP-box is a machine in which you can collect textiles (clothing and shoes). Customers bring their textiles to the store and deposit it into the SWOP-box. They receive a reward for this, such as a discount coupon which can be used with new fashion purchases. As a retailer, you can determine the amount of the discount yourself. Of course, you can use other alternatives too to encourage your customers to hand in their textiles, for example by donating the ‘deposit’ to charity. Give your creativity full scope!

In principle, the machine can be installed at any location in the store, as long as there is a power supply available. The machine, which measures 70 x 70 x 200 cm and weighs approx. 120 KG, is connected to the internet either through cable or Wi-Fi. This allows maintenance, updates and adjustments to be carried out remotely. We deliver the SWOP-box complete with the right software, including the store’s logo.

The machine’s screen can function as a marketing tool, allowing you to communicate commercial or informative messages to customers. You can supply material for this in the form of videos or photos. If you don’t need this yourself, you can rent the display space to others and thus generate additional advertising revenue.

The SWOP-box can contain a maximum of 30 KG of textiles. The machine gives an alert when it’s full, and it can be easily emptied by a store employee. You store the collected textiles in your warehouse Our logistic partner will come to pick it up. You will then be paid an amount based on the number of KG of submitted textiles.